Top 5 Worst MP maps

Probably wondering why that the only multiplayers you’ve seen are the ones from 2009 through 2012, well those are the most familiar, but here is a different list that encompasses all. The twist is these are the worst maps from all those games where it goes from bad to worse from five to one. No DLC either.

  1. Array Black Ops
    Snow maps during these times seemed hit or miss, and this was a miss. The three-lanes laid out okay, but it was just a big building that everyone fought over and left the map unoccupied. Granted the building was big enough to occupy a quarter of the map, but not a solid map.

  2. Underpass MW2
    This dark, dreary map fit the mood for how you felt when you played it—depressed, and probably alone because you could not find anyone on this map it felt like. People camped in the grass like Pokemon and with thermal so prevalent in this game it was easy to get picked off by ghillie suit players

  3. Derail MW2
    Hard to pick between Underpass and Derail, but there felt like a ton of wasted space on Derail, and it was way too big for Modern Warfare 2. Underpass was big, but it felt like there was more traffic along each of the three routes than there was on Derail. There was a building in the middle of the map that felt like a journey away, like you needed to pack snacks to get there. Also, the map felt twice as big than it should have been.

  4. Aftermath Black Ops 2
    A common theme in this is too big, and that was Aftermath. Lanes defined well, but a huge middle that provided hardly any action, or at least not as much as it should to justify the size. Felt like a repetitive cycle of traversing to spawns only to find out by the time you got there the spawns flipped.

1)Downturn MW3
No flow, too big and aesthetically horrible. This map played horribly on everything, partly because of weird sightlines and because of the weird levels to it. The underground portion of the map felt like it severely hindered the map. The best part about this map was backing out of the lobby when you saw it come up.