Twisted Metal

Anyone played Twisted Metal?

It’s one of those weird memories you have, like maybe I just imagined, but I could have sworn I’ve played something like it before…

And boom. I absolutely have. Twisted Metal 4 on the PS1. Pretty sure I even beat it, and that I was scared of the level in the carnival, with the haunted house. Creepy stuff for a kid.

Anyway, guess it is a franchise that just couldn’t keep up, and was just abandoned :frowning:

I mean, a colisseum of sorts composed of cars with guns seems like a good idea, who knows, maybe in todays market it would shine once more. Nevertheless, some good times where had with Twisted Metal.

Did you ever play any Twisted Metal game in your life?

Never played any. I watched a YouTube video though, and it looks so much fun. Is it available on PC? I’m a PC only player.