Vertigo Racing

I remember playing Vertigo Racing about 5 years back. And I had a heck of a good time playing it. It’s a mobile racing game where you must drive your car as fast as possible without falling off the track. The tracks in the game are quite narrow and hilly. One bad turn and your car will fall down and explode. You also need to refuel your car while driving. It was really addictive and fun. Something I loved very much about this game is that its choosable and customisable vehicles were designed after great looking vehicles from the 1940s to 1960s.
Downloading it to the phone was quite hairy, as I remember. Because the game wasn’t available for my country and I had to download an APK from another site and install it in order to play.
This game made my childhood better.
I hope you guys will also give this game a chance. It’s really good.