What did that kid say about Bill Clinton at The Game Awards?

So last night during The Game Awards, a teenager took the stage alongside From Software developers to accept the award for Game of the Year. He looked out of place, and I thought he was one of the developers’ sons or something. After Hidetaka Miyazaki concluded his acceptance speech, the random kid crept forward and snuck in a few incoherent words.

Does anyone know what that kid said about Bill Clinton? It was super weird and completely out of place. Bill Clinton was president before this kid was even born.

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Said something along the lines of: “I’d like to nominate my reformed orthodox Rabbi Bill Clinton for game of the year”.
He was trolling, I guess. Dude was arrested afterwards, lol. He really looked the part too; snuck up to the stage with Miyazaki and the others from among the crowd.

A modder added Bill Clinton to Elden Ring after this incident. :smile:

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