What do you think of the mobile versions of FPS/Battle Royale games?

I remember years ago, all the tech gamers dreamed of having versions of their favorite FPS games on their phones. But, of course, the technological limitations did not allow it. The most we had available were the games developed in java, which despite having the name of franchises like Call of Duty, or Battlefield, were strategy games.

Today, we have games like Call of Duty Mobile, Fortnite, PUBG, and Apex Legends Mobile. Games that can be played even on low-end mobile phones. But, something you can simply notice, is the large amount of gamers using controllers, keyboards, and emulators on PC to play these titles. This marks a big disadvantage with those gamers who play with the touch screen of their mobile.

There is no denying that FPS/Battle Royale games on mobile are awesome and fun. But, the use of peripherals has hurt the gaming experience for many gamers. What do you think about this? Is this something that will increase in the future? Does it hurt the gaming experience?

The touch controls just are not responsive enough for me in games like Call of Duty Mobile. However, the games that I’ve played with a controller on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for mobile are pretty solid even if the games can be a bit laggy. So I’d say that FPS and battle royales with controller support are the way to go on mobile.

I haven’t played any of them. Don’t plan to either, the screen size and graphics are too low for my tastes. The games gain many fans with the mobile releases though. I think Apex Legends was released for mobiles recently as well. It would be amazing if games like TF2 and CS release for the mobile as well. Unlikely though.

Just imagine playing Unreal Tournament with touch controls. :laughing:

The only time I ever touched mobile FPS/Battle games was in highschool.

Me and my friends we used to play COD Mobile, and to be honest it was pretty good. Could swear that the first matches you played you were put against easy a.i bots, because there’s a really sudden spike in difficulty all of a sudden.

Can say that the game was responsive, even when aiming and shooting manually, and there weren’t really any connection issues even though we used data from the phone and school wifi to play.

Guess I got that bored in school that I needed a quick dopamine release, you know? Mobile games gave me that.

Have not dabbled in too much of this, but when I did, I found it clunky, and the controls were not the best.

It never gave me the same feel as playing them online, and COD Mobile was not my favorite because I could just easily play on my Xbox.

I am sure there is appeal there, I know a lot of people like them, but to me it never was there. I’d much rather just play the game on console or PC. Like PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, I’d rather play on console or something than mobile.

I feel like I stand a better chance on there, and I can use the same amount of time having more fun or doing better than I would do on mobile.
The DLC content for these games is nice though, honestly. Like COD Mobile had Soap and Ghost as characters, and that is something great about the free mobile games.

Something that I’ve seen repeated a lot is the opinion of the controls in mobile shooters. As a user who has played different ones, COD Mobile certainly has the best controls (plus assists that improve gameplay). Even so it is totally true that the touch controls make it very complicated.

When I see smartphones like the ASUS ROG Phones, or the RED Magic 7, with touch buttons to simulate the triggers of console controllers, it still doesn’t make sense to me. I feel like the controls won’t evolve much beyond that. Besides, every day the use of console controllers on mobile phones becomes more and more normalized.

Something I’ve never gotten into is Mobile games, which were not a type of turn-based strategy game. Its confining screen and obvious lack of a controller always put me off to the idea of trying to play any “Real” game on them, especially any type of shooter. Not to mention I feel that the level of competitiveness or “sweaty” that is required to enjoy a battle royal game makes them being on Mobile even more of a challenge.

Though I guess if some child is able to adapt and still kick my butt at some battle royal game whilst being on his phone. While I’m just trying to keep up on my console, then go ham I suppose. I was never very much into battle royal games, however. Though I will say trying to enjoy playing a game like Halo while on my phone honestly sounds like some type of an annoying dare rather than a convenience.

I’d say I agree with a lot of people here already. Anything with a complex control scheme is going to give me trouble on mobile. I’m pretty KBM bound in general and I don’t even like using controllers unless I have to.

What I do enjoy on mobile are story games, puzzle games, and slightly more casual games. I’m not naturally drawn to those genres so I don’t play on mobile often.

I did start playing Fortnite on PC recently (as part of a bet it turns out, lol) and yeah I couldn’t see myself doing that on mobile. I’d probably be fine with a small touchscreen type controller, in the end, but on a phone it’s so much harder! Every time you touch something, you’re covering the screen!

I think the only time I’d play a game like that on mobile would be if I were away from home and really bored. And I wouldn’t expect to win at all, just to have a bit of fun.

Personally, I think it really is going to come down to the individual. In the past, I’ve tried the likes of PUBG and Fortnite on mobile, but there was never really a moment where I felt comfortable playing. If you’re simply using just the mobile it self; the screen clutter, lack of a proper field of view, and flailing thumbs as you try to switch weapons, aim and shoot at the same time on such a small surface area, is just too cumbersome. Some people may just want to jump into these experiences on mobile to pass the time which can be fun if you accept it for what it is. I for one will just stick to console when it comes to these types of games! Mobile games do have their merit and I think there are plenty of other genres that suit mobile well. FPS/Battle Royale games however are just a little lacklustre on the small screen.