What games did you not beat as a kid that you want to beat now?

Let’s face it. We all have games that we gave up on as kids. Maybe they were frustratingly difficult. Maybe we just found them boring at the time. Maybe a little bit of both? I’m looking at you, Myst!

So what games did you not beat as a kid that you keep meaning to go back to and finish?

One game that I did not beat as a kid growing up that I’d love to try again is Donkey Kong Country for the Game Boy. Never had the resolve or attention span to progress through it. I may have got far, but I would never know because I hardly paid attention to the progress. I know at a young age that I was not an absolute noob, but I know I never saw the end screen.

Another game that I never beat when I was a kid, but later I beat it was Pokemon Silver, Gold and Crystal. As a kid I loved those games, but I could never progress to the eighth gym. I never knew how to get the gym to open to where I could challenge it. Once I figured it out when I was older it was a snap, and I knew more about typing advantages than I did when I was a little kid, so it was easier to battle too.

GTA Vice City and San Andreas. I didn’t have a PC or a console when I was younger, so I played these games on my friend’s laptop. I’d have zero ideas on what to do in the games and I would just drive around and attack people. I would only see my friend on weekends so I’d look forward to playing games with him for the whole week.
I should buy these games when I get a chance. Both are wonderful games.