What new features will Football Manager 2023 have

Football Manager 2023 is out now – and FM23 is already one of the most popular iterations of the game yet, with hours of game-time stacked up from managers in the beta version of the game.

The release of Football Manager 2023 has been met with a particular setback for PlayStation players, however. Although the game has already been released across most platforms, PlayStation 5 players will have to wait a bit longer. Due to “unforeseen circumstances,” Sega and Sports Interactive have been forced to delay the PS5 release indefinitely, a decision that was announced just a week before the game’s planned release. Since the game will not be released on PS4, this delay seriously restricts PlayStation players’ abilities to get their hands on the high-anticipated simulator. Though there are not yet any updates on the schedule for PS5, studio director Miles Jacobson hopes that Football Manager 2023 will release soon since the team worked hard to push through production.

What new features will Football Manager 2023 have?
The Football Manager 2023 will see a number of new features added into the game and will hope to satisfy the video game’s huge fanbase.

Champions League is here!
Football Manager has struck a licensing deal with UEFA which will see the Champions League, Europa League and the Europa Conference League in the game, with official logos.

These competitions existed in the game before, but under different, unofficial names. Now, there will be greater likeness to reality, with the Champions League anthem, kit logos and official trophies in the trophy lift scenes.

However, there will definitely be no Super League.

On top of all that, Manchester City now have a partnership with Sports Interactive, meaning that the Premier League champions are fully licensed with proper logos and kits.

Another exciting addition to the game is the new Supporter Confidence system. This added gameplay feature brings fans closer than ever before by showing what expectations they have for their beloved team, both off and on the pitch. Insight into fans’ loyalty levels and the degree to which these opinions affect the club are now a much more important aspect of the game. Achieving these goals helps players ensure a loyal base that’ll help carry them forward along the path to victory. The bigger emphasis on getting to know the fans will no doubt offer players an even more comprehensive Football Manager player experience.

Dynamic Manager Timeline
The Dynamic Manager Timeline aims to enhance a manager’s biography by noting the key moments of a manager’s career. More than 50 ‘event’ types exist, so your biography will reflect your relationships with players and staff as well as your title wins and achievements.

More Advanced AI is Sure To Keep Gameplay Engaging
Players who enjoy a challenge will also find new reasons to sink hours into Football Manager 23. The latest game offers the most advanced rival AI managers to date, so plowing through the competition with a single tactic will no longer be a sure-fire path to victory. This overhaul of the opponent’s decision-making skills has also been paired with new out-of-possession tactical instructions that make defensive decisions more practical and the competition noticeably tougher. The game now encourages players to think more strategically in order to outsmart their rivals.

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