Wii Sports

More nostalgia for you.
Did you own a Wii when you were a kid? Then you also owned Wii Sports. I got one in like, 2009, so it also had Wii Sports Resort. Now I didn’t really ask my parents for games. Ever. So whenever I got something new it was in Christmas. For the Wii I never got anything though :frowning:

Still, I believe with those two games that I played for hours on end, I explored the whole capabilities and fun factor of the Wii. But of course, it seems obvious that the game Nintendo shipped the Wii with would work as this species of “tech” display for the console. Nevertheless, it was a blast, and I remember spending whole evenings playing those games, not alone sometimes mind you, but with my family, grownups enjoying the games I loved so much, to stop and realize how tired I was, sometimes waking up the next morning with my muscles actually sore from the exercise.

So, in short, my fond memories with the Wii pretty much consist of Wii Sports, and yeah the occasional Smash Bros on friends houses because they had more games, but in my own home I really appreciate how easy the game was to pick up for my family, where I was the only gamer, and to have them play with me and have a blast while doing it, really encapsulates the beauty of the Wii in my eyes. It was a really bonding experience, and a good entry point that allowed non gamers to appreciate video games in general.

I loved the Wii, specifically Wii Sports Resort and Just Dance. My mom was really picky about what I was allowed to play. Nintendo’s focus on more family friendly games meant there were things I could actually play at her house. I mostly played Swordplay and the biking, but I played every sport available. I was so excited when it came out for Switch that I made sure to preorder it.

I played a lot of Just Dance too. I went to cyber school for most of high school and Just Dance was one of the acceptable activities so that ended up being most of my logged hours.

Honestly, the Wii just holds a special place in my heart just because it filled so many of my hours when I was a kid. I honestly wish that when I decided to get the Xbox as an adult, I had gotten the Switch instead, especially now that Nintendo has allowed so many more games on their platform.

I still remember waiting in line for a Wii when it launched back in 2006. Wii Sports was near the top of the list of games that interested me early on in the console’s lifecycle. Plus, it was actually bundled with the console, so you didn’t even have to buy it separately.

Wii Sports is the type of game that brings people together. We played tennis, golf, and bowling for hours with friends. Boxing was pretty entertaining too. Even read how older people in nursing homes were playing Wii Sports to stay physically active. It’s a really underrated game, in my opinion.