Xbox Game Pass May 2022 Lineup

What do you all think of this month’s Xbox Game Pass lineup?

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We covered this a couple of days ago on the main site. What do you all think of this month’s Xbox Game Pass lineup?

Available Now
Loot River (Cloud, Console, and PC)
NBA 2K22 (Cloud and Console)

May 5
Citizen Sleeper (Cloud, Console, and PC)
Trek to Yomi (Cloud, Console, and PC)

May 10
Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Anniversary Edition (Cloud, Console, and PC)
Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising (Cloud, Console, and PC)
This War of Mine: Final Cut (Cloud, Console, and PC)

May 12
NHL 22 (Console)

Seems like Game Pass lineups are mostly indie games, many low budget ones too. With how underwhelming Halo Infinite was, the Netflix of games is starting to show it’s limitations.

These do seem incredibly different and low budget, but when the games are free with Game Pass, it does not hurt to try a few. The big name here is NBA 2K22 as it remains one of the biggest sports franchise game in the sports market in general. Have not played 2k22 myself, but definitely want to check it out now!

I will say, that even though the new game-pass games are a bit lackluster. I just recently stopped my game-pass subscription, and I didn’t realize how many of my titles were actually game-pass. I lost about one-third of my currently downloaded library. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to go ahead and buy it again, but currently, I’m leaning toward doing so. You never realize how important those ridiculous board game titles are until you’re with a bored group of friends with nothing better to do.

I don’t know, do you guys think I should bite the bullet and just pay for the; what is it now like 14 dollars a month? Or do you wanna join me in my unofficial boy cot of game-pass? Or should I just go ahead and buy the little games that I liked from game-pass? :neutral_face: